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Do you suffer with a feeling of invisibility or a lack of belonging?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Do you feel invisible, like you don't belong, you are not alone

Do you suffer the feeling of invisibility, lack of belonging, numbness even when you are surrounded by friends, colleagues and a family that loves you?

This is all too common and in an age where we should be connected more than ever we are growing increasingly apart as human beings. Social media is a blessing and a curse, it should bring ease of connection, ability to maintain strong links with others without the barrier of locations and time zones. But all too often, it creates a false impression of how we live our lives, people share their happiest times, not their darkest moments. This leads us to falsely believe we are the only ones who are suffering. This is so not true!

The evidence is there, suicide rates rise, mental health deteriorates and more of us feel lonelier than ever before. A survey by Ernst Young of 1,000 employed American adults found more 40% (that's 400 people!) reporting feeling physically or emotionally isolated at work, this spanned all ages, genders and ethnicities.

Social belonging is a basic need of human beings, it's part of our DNA. It can't be ignored. If you are feeling this way, it is vital for your wellbeing you take steps to address this. If you had a large cut on your arm you'd dress it, bath it, prevent infection and give yourself time to heal. The same level of care, compassion and understanding is needed for your mental wellbeing and emotional self.

Taking small but brave steps will start to ease the suffering inside:

1. Take comfort that you are not alone, not broken, not unusual and certainly not the only person that feels this way.

2. You have been brave identifying difficult emotions swirling inside your head and heart.

3. Have compassion for yourself, what words would you say to a friend or family member feeling the same way?

4. Ask yourself "what do I want to do with this new information about myself? " "What feels right for me at this moment?"

5. Consider seeking help, confide in a friend, family member or seek professional support, a therapist or coach.

What you shouldn't do is to ignore it, bury it or isolate yourself any further. This won't go away but will surface in new ways. What the mind suppresses the body expresses. Your new awareness and understanding is a gift, use this with care and compassion. You are very special, you deserve to be treated as such by yourself and others.

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