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About Me


I am Sara the founder of Inflori Coaching and co-host of the podcast Geordie Lass and Doc Sass (I am the geordie!). I know how challenging relationships can be. Our past experiences can sometimes make it difficult when it comes to creating healthy love that brings you joy and happiness. It can feel lonely like there is a major void to fill and no idea what it should be filled with. It is stressful, emotional draining and sometimes you don't what to say to make things better. 

Instead, resorting to old patterns of behaviour, such as withdrawal, building walls and pushing the other person away. This somehow seems easier even though you know it isn't getting the results you want. You want to be happy and in love. Why can't it just work itself out? I hear you! 

There is a new way, I promise to support you, I promise to hear you and I promise to help you find a way forward to a life that's happier and stress-free. Are you ready to take the leap? 

Let's chat, don't put it off, you are too important to wait. 

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