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How to create more happiness in your life

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Is it finally the time to let go, relax and release? What are you holding on to that's keeping you back? What is no longer serving a purpose in your life? What no longer brings you joy and happiness?

At the start of the year, we often look for new beginnings, fresh habits, set new goals and create a new vision. What we rarely do is raise the question of where we are in life, and if what we have is of use to us. We do this with material possessions (some of us more than others, I'm not going to mention the state of my garage) but how often do we reflect on our relationships with significant others, friendships and emotions. They are more meaningful and have a greater impact on our lives than we know or often understand.

Our thoughts and feelings create our actions which, in turn, shape our reality. A world that is true for us. What if we were honest about the negative emotions and relationships we are holding onto, the reasons behind this and then simply let go of those that no longer make us happy & bring us joy. One by one we deal with the things that keep us stuck in a reality we no longer want or need.

Here are a couple of areas you might want to start exploring, reflect on and consider letting go, move forward, learn and grow. Moving towards greater joy and happiness. One small step at a time!

Emotions: Awareness of our emotions is incredibly useful, how we are feeling provides a message from our subconscious to our conscious mind. Here are some practical tips to get you started and to acknowledge your emotions on a deeper level:

  1. List the top three emotions that came up for you each day.

  2. Look at each of the three emotions in turn and what triggered it, was this emotion uplifting or draining? Don't look back at prior days until you have been noting your emotions for 7 to 10 days.

  3. After this, look back through your notes, do you see any patterns or themes that emerge? Are there any common triggers or situations?

  4. What messages are coming up for you, is there one area that stands out?

  5. Look at which emotions and situations drained you and what caused them.

  6. Look at which emotions and situations gave you a boost and what caused this.

  7. You have created some very powerful awareness, the next step is to decide what do you want to do with this new information?

Friends: During life, we make all kinds of connections with others, people will come and go and cause happiness and sadness at various times. As with emotions, it is important to understand the people in our lives who make us happy and those that are energy hoovers. It is your life and you can decide who you choose to spend time with. Understanding you have a choice can often be very liberating, especial when understanding our friendships. Never maintain friendships out of a sense of obligation, you both deserve better than this.

These are just a few areas to look at and you can do this in areas of your life, money, relationships with your significant other, career, family etc. With this, you will be creating awareness. Then comes the stage of deciding what to do with this new insight. Don't make any rash changes or make impulse decisions. Sit with things a little while, you may find the people or emotions that annoy you the most are also the most valuable in your life. Make small changes and see how things go.

For help with your everyday life challenges, speak to inflori about how coaching can support you unravel your life to make space for more joy and happiness Get in touch today! Relationships are often the trickiest area of life for people to navigate alone. If you are serious about change and ready to improve your relationship, sign up for the 12-week Relationship Reset programme, get ready to transform your relationship back to happiness.

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