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The stories we tell ourselves .....

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Stories we tell ourselves, flip it, reframe and make changes

We are all storytellers!

Stories are great, they allow our imagination free reign to create a world beyond our current reality. As children, we learn best through stories, as adults, we create our own narrative to life and this has enormous power. Sometimes this power will serve us well, other times less so.

Those stories aren't necessarily false but they are our interpretation of life events and they shape who we become and influence how we view future events. We make assumptions about ourselves and others, often with judgement and this can limit us. These stories don't serve us well when they hold us back, keep us stuck in a place we don't want to be or even worse make us shut down and disengage.

How to change this? Flip it!

  1. Re-frame

  2. Be curious, ask what's really happening

  3. Ask what if my story isn't true

  4. Reflect

There is always another story we can tell if yours isn't helping you change it up a bit. And when you're struggling don't do it alone, inflori is here to help, get in touch!


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