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Who is in your tribe?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

How to surround yourself with people who support you

Have you ever thought about who's in your tribe? Your tribe is made up of the people who surround you, they are your kinda people, they support you, top you up, make grey days brighter and celebrate your success. Or do they?

Stop, take a moment and think ........

Who do you surround yourself with? Take a look at your closest intimate relationship, your significant other, are they your number one fan? Do they encourage you, how connected are you to each other? Next, look at your friends, how do you feel after spending time with them? Do they energise and lift you up? Or drain you?

I needed some serious fun this weekend. I've worked too hard, I've taken on too much and left little time for me, for fun and topping up my cup. This weekend I changed that and I feel alive again. I have focused on fun, laughter, food, wine, rest, lazy days, beautiful views and some amazing special people.

It got me thinking about my tribe and how great they really are, how they challenge my thinking, celebrate my successes, encourage my dreams, take an interest in what I'm doing and support me no end. They are my kind of people, being with them is effortless, it boosts me and lifts me up. I am the luckiest human being alive to have all of this in my life. Truly blessed.

If you can't recognise this for yourself, don't stress. The first stage is awareness, start by reflecting on who you have in your life and how they make you feel, what you think when you are with them and your relationship with them. How does being with them (or thinking about being with them) affect your energy and your mood? Do they make you feel good about yourself?

My final thought, remember you are in your tribe too! Ask all of these questions to yourself about yourself. You should be your number one superfan, your greatest source of energy, wisdom and belief. The first person to celebrate when something brilliant happens. I have loved hanging out with me this weekend in between fun times with friends and my gorgeous man. I got the balance right this weekend and feel so much better for it. But don't get me wrong it isn't always like that.

If you find some of this tough get in touch, at inflori we deal with all kinds of relationships dilemmas, there is a wealth of experience and support available. You can follow on Instagram or Facebook for tips and inspiration. I wish you the best of luck finding happiness, life is to short not to shine brightly.

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