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Relationship Health Check

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How healthy is your relationship?

Download your free guide today and find out by taking the relationship health check.


In this guide you will also discover the three key foundations of a healthy relationship, must have's and first steps to take to start to put things right. You can take this on your own or get your partner to do it too and compare results.

If you are not currently in a relationship this will still help you.

Answer the questions based on your past relationship(s) to

find out what was missing for you. This will help you create

an ideal image for your next relationship.

Increase your Self Awareness


There are two types of people in a relationship those ruled by their head and those ruled by their heart.


Those people who are predominantly head people are labelled unemotional, uncaring, aloof, detached and heartless.


Those people who are predominantly heart people are labelled too sentimental, out of touch with reality, overly emotional and too optimistic.


The reality is we are all both head and heart but will have a natural preference for one or the other. In relationships we often see differences between us because of our preferences, this can cause issues, we notice the difference, It can cause conflict, a lack of understanding for one another and a feeling of disconnection. If left unaddressed this leads us to question the relationship. Are we right for each other? Are we too different? Can we ever be happy?


Knowing your preference can help you to understand yourself and your relationship better. You will discover that you are made up of both head and heart levels and how to tap into both when you need them the most. This will strengthen your relationship and celebrate your differences, allowing you to build a healthy relationship.


Would you like to know more? Take the self-awareness test today.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Learn more about yourself and your predominant level

  • Understand more about your relationship, your reactions within the relationship and the challenges you face

  • Where you have stress in your relationship and how to minimise this

  • How to build a healthier relationship, with increased connection and understanding

Start today by increasing your self-awareness and learn more about your relationship. The self-awareness test (ELI*), takes around 15 minutes and is completed online. Once your results are ready they will be shared with you in a personal 1:1 session.


During this personal session, you will find out what your results mean for you and your relationship in everyday life and when you are under stress. You will have a much greater understanding of who you are and with this new awareness, you get to choose what happens next and how you can use this to improve your relationship. You will have a new framework to help you navigate your relationship challenges.


This is a fantastic starting point for anyone struggling with their relationships or those who are committed to creating a healthy relationship. It will provide some key areas of focus and a clear place to start to get the relationship you want and deserve. Clients are impressed by the awareness and results they gain from the session. A recent client saw an immediate benefit within 24 hours of receiving their results back. 

Start today and order your assessment and personal results session (lasting up to 90 minutes) for £175, or you can sign up for one of our coaching packages and get the assessment at no cost, a gift from Inflori as a thank you for coaching with us. 


* ELI - Energy Leadership Index provided by iPEC 

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