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Rebuild connection

with your partner

when all seems lost  

Relationship coaching for the modern heart


Hey there!

I'm Sara your relationship coach, my work is centred around empowering individuals to make the most of their relationships.


I am sincerely committed to guiding individuals and couples towards transformative relationship experiences, based on authenticity, empathy, and a desire to help you overcome life's challenges. 

I do this by providing you with the tools and understanding to navigate your relationship struggles which up till now may have felt bewildering and nonsensical.


I know many people struggling for months and even years before they choose to work with me. My dedication to bridging the gap between awareness, knowledge, and skill in navigating relationship challenges sets me apart. I believe that by enhancing even just one of these areas, real change can occur in the dynamics of a relationship.

What Clients Say

"We are such a good place and working with you made that happen"

Here is how I can help you

More About Me

My name is Sara Liddle

I am a certified professional relationship coach, I trained with iPEC School of Coaching and I continue to invest in my training to support my clients. 

I know you landed here for a reason, and I'd like to get you know more about you. Let's chat about how I can support you in your relationship.


Click the link below to book a free no-obligation call with me and see how I can help you through your relationship challenges. 


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