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Trouble in paradise ....... sleep on it a little while

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

61% of people report sleep problems in their relationship, here's what to do about it

A study confirms a whopping 61% of people in a relationship reporting sleep troubles, there are a lot of people suffering! A lack of sleep causes all kinds of issues for us in our relationship. We often don't even realise we are suffering or the root cause is. It's only after a few nights of good sleep that the penny drops.

So the impact of poor sleep on our relationship,

  1. Emotionally heightened

  2. Increased number of arguments

  3. Raised levels of anxiety, often we can't tell why

  4. Poor memory

  5. Become desensitised

  6. Lack of gratitude

All of this impacts us and our other half massively. It results in unhappy relationships where our satisfaction levels fall off a cliff. The same study did provide some hope, even if one of you get better sleep it increased the relationship happiness.

So how do we fix it? We build our sleep hygiene factors.

  • Schedule a regular bedtime

  • Limit alcohol intake prior to bed

  • Talk to your partner about what you are feeling and how you want things to change

  • Limit tech before bed

  • Create a mutually agreeable bedtime routine

  • Share the problem and unity to find a solution

It is possible to improve your sleep habits, get better sleep and boost your relationship satisfaction in the process. Start small, micro-changes to build towards bigger shifts in your life. Have fun exploring things together.

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