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Why commitment really is a big deal for your relationship!

Building a strong, secure, close and happy relationship takes both parties to be in it to win. One thing that all lasting and successful relationships have in common: both partners are fully committed to the relationship.

When both partners are fully committed to the relationship, they are more likely to work through difficult times and overcome challenges. A committed relationship also allows both partners to feel safe and secure, knowing they can rely on each other.

Meeting clients for the first time to discuss their relationship, I ask them straight away, are you committed to your relationship and each other? Whilst they may reply with a "yes", it's often the case that it's a "no". One or both of them have a bag packed mentally. They are ready to leave the relationship at a moment's notice. Or actively looking for reasons their relationship will fail, proving the partner they chose isn't Mr or Mrs Right.

Without a clear commitment to each other, they put their relationship in the danger zone. Their relationship is in trouble. They risk jeopardising their future together.

How do you know if you are committed to your partner or not?

How you behave will help you determine how committed you are to your relationship. Here are a few things those committed to their relationship do:

  • They talk freely and openly about the future, because there is no doubt in their mind they won't be together

  • They open up to each other and share their more vulnerable side

  • They admit their fears and worries, knowing their partner will support them and reassure them

  • They believe they've met the right person for them

  • They work on ways to improve the bond they have with each other

  • They cherish their partner and know they made the right choice

Subconsciously when you don't commit, this places doubt in your mind about the future of your relationship. You look for evidence to support your theory that you made the wrong choice. You might unknowingly self-sabotage your relationship. It is then very tricky for your relationship to grow and develop and for you to trust yourself and your partner.

The impact is immense!

Do you have doubts about your relationship? Consider what it would take to commit to your relationship. To fully believe, let go and do all it takes to make your relationship work.

If this raises questions for you and your relationship and you'd like to explore more, book a free call with me. I'm a certified relationship coach. I support couples and individuals to explore and understand their relationship and where resistance might be showing up.

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